ACI Sketch™

ACI Sketch™ 2.7

ACISketch is used to design sketches which can later be used for production (See all)

ACISketch™ has been enhanced to include features users ask for most. Appraisers will find the same friendly interface they have come to know and rely upon with additional features added to help increase efficiency and easily create professional floorplans in minutes. Use your mouse or keyboard to quickly draw a floorplan and automatically calculate the total square footage and perimeter distance. Sketches import directly into appraisal reports and square footage automatically populates forms.

An intuitive interface, coupled with an easy learning curve makes ACISketch the best alternative in sketching software available today. And, ACISketch does not impact any other sketching applications you may have installed, so you can easily integrate ACISketch into your workflow. Begin using ACISketch today to improve your sketches and pass along the value-added benefits to your clients.

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